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Some of Mr. Meiklejohn’s past successes are:

1972: Developed a business plan to open a retail furniture store in Edmonton, Alberta. The startup capital was secured by a 50% silent partner providing a shareholder loan to the business. Ken made all product acquisitions for the showroom, opened and managed the store. The silent partner saw the potential for the business. In less than a year he bought Ken out.

1975: Became a licensed real estate agent, acquiring seven properties with no money down utilizing commissions and second mortgages for deposits.

1977: Became a sales manager for a real estate company which specialized in listing and selling residential and commercial real estate. He hired, trained and managed 15 sales representatives.

1978: Founded a real estate company specializing in listing and selling commercial real estate.

1979: Sold all properties for a considerable profit, closed the real estate company and moved to Vancouver, B.C.

1982: Commenced working for a signage company in Richmond, B.C. Within 3 months won a contest for the highest sales across Canada and Washington State.

10' x 20' double face trivision billboard installed 1983 - sold to Pattison 1986

1983: Formed Westcoast Advertising Company Ltd., a Vancouver based billboard company. Arranged ground leases with property owners allowing Westcoast to install billboards on owners’ properties. To raise the capital required to fabricate and install the billboards, sold 66.6% of the company’s shares to two investors on the condition they provide security through the Bank of Montreal allowing the bank to provide Westcoast with the capital required to fabricate and install dozens of billboards. Leased a manufacturing plant, supervised construction and installation of all billboards and sold advertising. Over the course of the next several years, bought back the 66.6% interest from the outside partners. In 1986 sold Westcoast Advertising to Jim Pattison. The billboards Pattison acquired are now part of Jim Pattison Outdoor. Jim Pattison outdoor is a division of the Jim Pattison Group, one of the largest business conglomerates in the world. Some of their holdings include the Guinness Book of Records, SunRype, Quality Foods, Ocean Brands, Montebello, TNG, Westshore Terminals and over a dozen other brands.

Pattison second from right

Jim Pattison is a philanthropist of many charitable causes, including a $5 million donation to the Victoria Hospitals Foundation for new equipment for a new patient care tower at Royal Jubilee Hospital, which now bears his name.

1983: Ken Meiklejohn Founded Trans-Canada Display Inc., another billboard company. This company signed a long term contract with Rothmans Tobacco to install and manage 350 – 5ft x 8ft single sided billboards installed on the exteriors of grocery stores in British Columbia and quite a number of billboards on The Trans-Canada Highway. Sold this company to Mr. Paul Bergeron in 1985. Trans-Canada Display Inc. is still in business.

1986: Founded First Capital Sign Leasing Ltd. This company specialized in leasing signage to businesses in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. The financing to pay for signage was arranged by a revenue sharing agreement with a company owned by Mr. Peter Allard, a Vancouver investor. The face value of the debenture was $3 million dollars.

Peter Allard Hall at UBC

The program was signage companies controlled by Mr. Meiklejohn would lease signage to businesses, then the leases presented to Mr. Allard for financing. If approved the capital to pay for signage was advanced to First Capital Sign Leasing Ltd. First Capital would order signage from the sign manufacturing company. When the signage was installed it was paid for.

Income from the leases was divided up between First Capital and Mr. Allards company. Mr. Meikelejohn eventually bought out Mr. Allard. He earned a nice profit.

It has come to Mr. Meikejohn’s attention that Mr. Allard has recently donated $25 million to the University of British Columbia and they have named a building after him.

pylon sign installed 1995

1988: Founded Spectacular Electronic Advertising (Canada) Inc. Several new subsidiary companies were incorporated. The subsidiaries signed 10 year ground leases to install nine large pylon signs on shopping malls in British Columbia and Alberta. Advertising panels on the signs were pre-leased on long term rental contracts to mall tenants. Some of the tenants were Canadas largest retailers and banks, such as Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust, CIBC, London Drugs, Winners, Money Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Dynalife, plus many more. The signs featured on the top a standard size of electronic message centers. They were programmed by telephone modems from the Vancouver office. Advertising time was sold on them.

To raise the capital required to fabricate and install the pylon signs Ken entered into a partnership with an investor. A sign leasing company called Pacific Coast Leasing Inc. was incorporated with the investor having a 51% interest and Ken 49%. The investor and Ken arranged a $3 million line of credit with the Royal Bank of Canada. The signage was fabricated and installed. Subsequently bought out their 51% interest. They earned a nice profit.

Over the years two signs were sold to the malls and are still in place. The rest were removed when several of the malls were redeveloped. This source of income has therefore ended.

10′x 20′ double face trivision billboard installed 1996

1996: Contacted Mediacom Inc. in Toronto, Ontario (now called CBS Outdoor, Canada’s largest billboard) to gauge their interest in having him secure billboard locations for them in Vancouver. They agreed. A contract was written whereas a new holding company was paid a substantial commission for every billboard location signed and permitted by the City of Vancouver. Within 14 month’s dozens of billboard locations were secured in Vancouver and outlying areas. The company earned approximately $500,000 in commissions.

2001: Incorporated a holding company, Spectacular Electronic Advertising (Nevada) Inc. in Nevada USA. The name was changed a few years later to Spectacular Electronic Advertising (Network) Inc. He then started consolidating the signage industry and arranged for investors to subscribe for common shares in the company.

The name was changed again on October 31st, 2011 to Spectacular Acquisitions Inc.

sign system installed by Ancient Mariner Sign Services December 2012

2004: Spectacular acquired in share swaps 100% of the common shares of Spectacular Electronic Advertising (Edmonton) Inc., Ancient Mariner Industries Ltd. and Ancient Mariner Sign Services Inc. Spectacular then incorporated Ancient Mariner Exteriors with the aim to rebrand the Ancient Mariner name as a line of home improvement products. Two e-commerce stores were set up, one in Canada and the other in the United States. The rebranding and e-commerce stores programs were suspended, thereby allowing Ken the time required to focus on developing a global network of video classified advertising web sites.

Subsequently, Ken has developed a global network of video classified advertising websites.

Over the years he has developed an extensive list of past business partners, high net worth individuals and contacts. He was for a period of time a member of Association for Corporate Growth (“ACG”), a global community dedicated to acquisitions, strategic and organic middle-market business growth. These past successes, plus many more have given him an exceptional knowledge of start up financing and operations, corporate finance, public and private investors and lenders, business management, budgeting, forecasting, creating and implementing business plans.

He has a tremendous ability to manage operations, production, maintain and grow the infrastructure of business operations.

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